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Niu Devil - Niu Xinyu is t

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 8:25 am    Post subject: Niu Devil - Niu Xinyu is t Reply with quote

Niu Devil - Niu Xinyu is the tigress of our class, knowing that this person can not be tempted []Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online[/url], but I still intentionally or unintentionally leaked her secrets. What will happen to me? When you hear this, you will definitely ask: "How can she be a tigress like Niu Xinyu?" Let me take a closer look. movement well known that the demon king has a very good grade in the class. However, when she lost her forefoot, she had a math test. She had a question that she wouldn��t do, so she looked left and right, and wanted to get some good information from it. This happened to me, I��m going to class. She said: "Have you seen other people's papers when you took the test?" She said []Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url], "I didn' others' papers." I didn't panic and deliberately yelled at the scorpion and said, "Fast. Don't lie... I am, but I am the famous Sun Wukong in the class, and I have the special function of the fire eye." The cow demon looked at the paper and could not hold the fire, threatened: "Man, if you want to tell others I will send you to heaven." I thought about how she played Ma Yubo. The skill, the temperament, the flustering of thinking, and the daring of the cow. I heard that there may be an answer to your question. Niu Xinyu used to be a lovely girl. But since he came to our class, there were some people who were restless. They used cows and cows as cows and played bullfighting. I also played with them at the beginning, and finally, she couldn't stand it. Start a stormy fight! Finally, because his surname is a cow, and the sex of the demon king is the same, it is called the demon kingg with Guan Lei, I accidentally said that I had a leak. This cow heart rain changed from the idol to the air in everyone��s mind. Let's just say that her image has plummeted and fallen from the emperor into a public. This incident quickly spread to the ears of the demon king. "Zhang Yujia, you'd better hold your head and put some cotton in your ass, or you won't have a good fruit to eat." She screamed and rushed. . I had to rush into the men's toilet at the speed of 100 meters sprint, which is my "refuge place", who made her a girl! The demon king said: "The next time you have a good look." Then he went away with anger. Once in the physical education class, she deliberately threw basketball on my face. I was very angry. Although I didn't return her at the time, I carefully prepared a mixed SOS drink in the class: SOS. Isn't this the general distress signal? You will definitely ask, because this drink is very difficult to drink, so ask for help, it is carefully made with milk, apple juice, orange juice, milk powder, and the same liquid: chalk water. I poured it into the very cola of Mi Yuanzhen. The cow demon king was tired of playing outside, rushed into the classroom, and looked up and sighed. "What is this?" Mi Yuanzhen poured them out again, and I was proud of my seat. A paper plane flew over and hit my head. Later, basketball, pencils, and pencil cases flew like missiles. "Ah! I was shot." I was so calm and sullen: "This,...what is this little boy throwing? Come out." "I was thrown by Miss Ben, what about it?" The cow demon king said with great enthusiasm. When I saw it, I was thrown by Niu Xinyu []Newport Cigarette Cartons[/url]. I immediately said, "Nothing." I thought, the tiger's buttocks couldn't be touched. I dare to show a little wind. Niu Xinyu touched my head and said, "My cola is a syrup. Are you doing it?" My face brushed white, thinking: This cow demon has real insight []Newport 100S Carton Cheap[/url]. But not paying for it is the best policy. Niu Xinyu beat me and said, "Hey! It��s quite like it." I quickly said, "Boo Xinyu, how are you so beautiful today? Is it a makeup!" Niu Xinyu said: "Count I don't want to beat you, I invite you to drink Coke." Of course I don't want to drink, but I made it. I said, "No need." "Don't drink me, let you go to heaven." I whispered, "I have water." Niu Xinyu left, but her weather meter changed. When I came back to drink water in class, I drank half a bottle and spit it out. The cow demon king returned to his body with his own way. The cola that I adjusted was poured into my water again, and then the two of classroom in the morning, and Niu Xinyu sat quietly in her position. She glanced at me with a smile on her lips. I think: It won't be going to beat me in class? The more I think about it, the more I am afraid, the more I want to be more cautious. One lesson passed, two lessons passed, and until the third quarter of the physical education class []Cheap Cigarettes Usa Free Shipping[/url], she did not hit me... "������!������!" With a crisp ringing, class was over! When I returned to my seat with a dry mouth, I remembered that I didn't bring water. At this time, Niu Xinyu walked over to me and picked up the water and said, "Give it to you, I am not right, more than one friend is more than An enemy is better." Of course, I want to express my gentleman's demeanor at this time: "Nothing, actually I am not right." Both of us laughed and we became good friends. However, she is a dormant volcano. Once it broke out, I was unpredictable. So I have to guard against it, no matter what, we finally became a good friend!
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