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This summer, the teacher a

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 8:25 am    Post subject: This summer, the teacher a Reply with quote

This summer, the teacher arranged the homework as usual, and sent a summer vacation community activity contact card to each of us, let us walk into the community to do practical activities.:20 am on August 10, I came to the Shunlong Community Service Hall. There are already several students waiting in it. There are Feibowen and Ye Wei in our class, and a few of them are quite tall []Buy Newport Online[/url]. Going up is a high school student. When we are all together, the sisters in the community divide our classmates from different communities into three groups []Newport Coupons For Cartons[/url]. Each group also has a team leader who is a community member. I was assigned to the Fanjing Community. There are six people in this group, three middle school students, and three elementary school students. Everything is arranged properly. We set off.task today is to erase the blackboard and write public interest sentences. We first came to the Fanjing Community, starting from the first building, and found a small blackboard to write a public sentence. At the beginning, everyone rushed to erase the blackboard to write sentences. Later, the team leader let us each take turns to write, so that everyone has the opportunity to perform. But so many people are too time-consuming together. In order to improve the speed []Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url], we have divided into two groups, a group of middle school students and a group of middle school students, and who is the next person to write the corridor. This decision makes us excited. . In my corridor, I wiped the small blackboard cleanly, and then wrote a correct sentence: the civilized tree and the new style of civilized and courteous Zhenhai people --- Shunlong Community1 o'clock, we finally completed our task today.y, I participated in the community activities. Although I am very tired, I still feel very happy. I still want to participate in such opportunities.some people misunderstand., you can't forget. Or enlighten. Inspire you and make you grateful. In my life, I was enlightened by one person. It is she who let me learn to stick to it. is my neighbor Zhou Hong. She is 15 years old, has such crystal-like big eyes and a small cherry mouth, very beautiful. last winter. It was very cold, and my mother told me to do sports. So, I started practicing kicking. When I was playing in the corridor, I would practice 7. 8. day, when I was practicing kicking in the corridor []Newport Carton Cigarettes[/url], I saw the neighbor Zhou Hong. She saw that I was practicing kicking and then smiled and said, "Let��s practice kicking? Come, I will teach you." After he finished, he would not Hesitant to kick for a while, in her opinion, a few, in my opinion, the number of days, more than 100. I was stunned, and she said with a smile: "Come on!" and left. My face is red all at once. Because in front of others I think I have played very well, but now. got home, I started to practice. After I practiced for a while, I didn��t practice. When I was tired, I started playing. Suddenly, my doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw Zhou Hong. She laughed and said: "Play, you can't learn this way!" I was very angry, and I closed the door and practiced. I felt very tired when I practiced and my legs were sour, but I was very angry when I thought of Zhou Hong laughing at me. In the end, I practiced kicking []Newport Cartons For Sale[/url]. practicing, I went to Zhou Hong to play, and he did not hesitate to agree. We started the game. It may be that she hasn��t played for a long time and only played 60. And I played 80. Finally I won. She smiled and said: "Yes, keep on cheering." I smiled happilythis incident, I learned to insist that she enlightened me and made me understand: only persistence. Will win.
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