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"Treasure of life, healthy growth

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 1:41 am    Post subject: "Treasure of life, healthy growth Reply with quote

"Treasure of life, healthy growth." There are too many reasons, they are together and become a long line, holding life, let our life become a colorful, eternal spring! will come to the spring, and flowers will bloom. However, life only once []Carton Of Newport 100[/url], it is not only its own, but also belongs to all who care, care, love us. Therefore, we must not only live for ourselves, but also work hard for those who love us. Don't you have time to repent and regret when you go to the building, do you still have time? Life is precious! In fact, cherishing your own life and growing up healthily is a responsibility. It is responsible for yourself and those who love yourself. Have you ever thought about how many people love you? How much do they pay for themselves? How much did they give themselves? When we don't care for ourselves, we can understand how many people are bound by this happiness, how many people's hearts are affected, and how many people want to cry for themselves? is a real thing happening to me: this summer, one of my student��s father accidentally fell to work while working on the construction site. Because of the few days after the school started, he became very lonely and looked awkward. As if I had lost myself, I was silent all day, and I was sitting in the corner of the classroom, often seeing his tears and sad look []Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online[/url]. Yes, his family has lost its pillars, how will he go on the long road of life? In the face of setbacks, can he stand up firmly? Who will give him a guarantee of his life? ... I don't dare to think, I really don't think about it. But what is gratifying is that with the care and help of his loved ones, teachers and classmates []Cartons Of Newports[/url], he did not give up himself, but gathered up his grief and stood up again. This family story of lost life made me understand how important life is. I want to be thankful that we must be grateful to have a complete life and so many people who love themselves. Life, with too many souls and flesh and blood, contains too much, too heavy love, we must be firm in the wind and rain, in order to "cherish life, healthy growth."is inevitable that a person will have some minor illnesses and pains in his life: getting angry and drinking more water will pass; toothache may be caused by getting angry; snoring is also a problem of personal living habits; hemorrhoids are nothing but small problems. These little pains that seem to be unimportant to most people may have been integrated into people's lives, and they can no longer attract enough attention and interest. Many people even let it go, as long as they do not hinder normal life. It will be self-defeating. However, these phenomena that are ��taken for granted�� in your opinion often hide a great health crisis. Only those who cherish life can let these hidden troubles leave us []Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes[/url]. in a chance, I saw a life in the hospital, a dying patient who died in the world. At that time, she was lying on the bed, silent as a star in the night. Her lips were slightly moved, but she couldn't say a word of hope. The eagerness in her eyes blocked the morbid sluggishness. She slowly extended her hands and tried to grasp something, but she suddenly looked like something heavy. It seems to slip down []Buy Newport Cigarettes[/url]... she is going to die. At that moment, my heart suddenly cooled. At that moment, she had no longer heard the whispers, and the faces of her loved ones could not be seen clearly. However, she still tried to retain her life, even if it was already illusory. A weak life. this critical point of life and death, I realized the value of life. From this, I thought of the yellow leaves falling in the autumn wind. After they experienced the spring germination and the summer, they went to the season of returning to the roots. Then in the mud of winter, they formed a hard shell, guarding that there used to be The beauty of the past is waiting for the greenness of next year.u Ziqing once said such a sentence: "The swallows have gone, when there is another time; the willows are dead, when there is a green time; the peach blossoms are thankful, there is time to open again. But, smart, you tell me, why are our days? Never gone back?" Yes! Fallen leaves can be reborn, but the four seasons of life are in the hope and disappointment, but can not wait for the green like leaves, can not be life and grow up healthily is the process of pursuing a broken butterfly, not the beauty of dancing and dancing; it is the glory after the meteor has passed, not the sparkling romance of the stars.ish life, grow up healthily, it is the soul that flashes in the trivial city, and it is a spring snow in the lively life.erish life and grow up healthily. It is necessary to have two hearts, one to become a stone, to reject the sadness in life, to turn into love, and to cherish everything around you.ish life and grow up healthily. It is to struggle for the ideal, not to complain about life, but to give up life! cherish life and grow up healthily �C we have the whole world...ends, let us pay attention to the bit by bit in your life, let us live healthier and more quality!
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