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A female rabbit of the same

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:39 am    Post subject: A female rabbit of the same Reply with quote

A female rabbit of the same scientist gave birth to 10 rabbits. According to her, 10 rabbits are available in three colors: white, black, and black and white. I like rabbits the most, and I have been entangled with my classmates to take me to see the bunny. Under my repeated requests, she finally promised me to go to her house to see the bunny on Friday []Buy Cheap Cigarettes[/url]. I am looking forward to itriday is finally here, I saw the bunny. The 10 bunny rabbits are only the size of the palm, and the colors are different. The place that attracts me the most is the big eyes of their spirits. The eyes of the white rabbit are red, and the eyes of the small rabbit and the black rabbit are black []Carton Of Newport 100S[/url]. They are crowded together, like heating each other, and feeling like a lack of security. When I kept staring at them, there was a little white rabbit looking up at me, and the eyes were like an innocent little doll. I am so happy, I think it is really cute! I reached out and touched its head, warm, soft, and soft. I picked up the little white rabbit. At this time, I found that it still looked at me, and the eyes seemed to say: "Hey! Who are you? Why haven��t I seen you?" I said to it, "Yeah, you have never seen me, I am coming to see you for the first time!" Just finished, I suddenly felt hot on the hand, take a closer look, it is actually the bunny peeing in my hand! I asked it with a smile: "Did you welcome me in this way?"I have been given a unique welcome by Bunny, which is really memorable! Instructor: Shen TianyingWith a kind of friendship, even if a person is gone, he will always live in the heart of another person. ---Inscription ince that time, I have taken you home from the beach. Until now, the number has been more than two months. In these two months, we have had many stories.ust start from seeing you! That time, my father��s friend organized a fish out of the sea []Marlboro Light Cigarettes[/url]. Just as the fisherman pulled the net up, you were arrested along with other seafood. When a few of our children saw you, the happiness was broken. After all, you are still hard to see. Moreover, when a person has it, everyone wants one. Although the competition is fierce, I still have a quick eye and grabbed it. My father and mother said, "This child is so big, I have never seen such a baby! It seems that she really likes it!"Later, I don't know how long ago, my mother was going to throw away the hermit crab. I angrily asked my mother why she wanted to do this. Mom said that because the hermit crab is dead. Why is this happening? why? I obviously take care of you very carefully. Why are you still... Mom explained that the oxygen and nutrients in the sea are not enough. When I knew that it was my fault, I was sad for a long time, crying for a long time with a fish tank, then I put you in a wooden box []Newport Cigarettes Carton[/url], sprinkled petals inside []Newport Cigarette[/url], covered the lid, and gently placed you Fill in the pits beforehand and fill in the soil. Since that incident, I have understood that pet is also a kind of love. Sometimes this kind of love is a deadly poison. Once it is drunk, it will make people suffocate.Dear, I want to say sorry, I can only express my deep apologies to you in this pen, I hope you live happily in heaven, and forgive my heart and want to treat you as a pet. Instructor: Wang Xuefen
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