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Presumably you should have already

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:58 am    Post subject: Presumably you should have already Reply with quote

Presumably you should have already attended the middle school of Wenyu now! I really envy you! I can go to such a good junior high school. After one year, I have to go to college. I hope that I can also be like you in junior high school. Maybe we can run together!s the current academic performance good? Are you in the top of the class in the class? Is it surrounded by strong people like clouds? I have heard that people in the middle school of Wenyu have a good academic record! Will you be under a lot of pressure? Oh []Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url], don't be stressed! Relax and relax, you and others receive the same education, you are no more stupid than others, you will not be worseust took the end of the exam in English today, oh... a few wrong! It seems to be a little dangerous on the 90th point. I hope I can give it to my strength. I will go to 90 or more! The other three subjects still have 7 days to take the exam. God bless me not to have an accident, I will go to 90!is season's district three good students have chosen me to go, although the process is quite rough, but always reported to me. However []Cigarettes For Sale[/url], the teacher said that the honors in the previous districts were too few. All of them added up to two districts. There was only one one that had a role for themselves. Only a 50% chance could be evaluated. Do you think I can? If the awards of the three good students in this district are gone, it may not be possible to get all the other awards. What should I do? You said that I was too lazy before, I should take more activities organized in the school, maybe this can increase the chances. short, the new year wishes you a new start, a new mood! I hope that next year, we will meet in the middle school of Wenyu! In the past of 2012, let me know, I will welcome the arrival of the new year. In 2013, during this year, I had a lot of wishes to complete, and they were all different from the past, because of the new year and new weather, the new year's new wishes. Therefore, during this year, I will continue to fulfill my wish without stopping. I congratulate myself and complete my wish a second year student. However, my mother said that I must go to a lot of schools in the future, because my mother said that girls are only highly educated and will not be bullied by others. In fact, my heart is like this. Because I lived in this unequal society and listened to my mother's thoughts, I used my actions to act in harmony with my mother's thoughts. However, I am going to complete my own wishes during the year.
13 is a new year. I also have a new wish.hing the flowers survive in the heavy snow, my wish is born: I want to be a strong person, not to be a weak person, to be brave for a lifetime; watching the sun rise from the east, the west falls, in people's The heart left warmth []Marlboro Menthol 100S[/url], so my wish came up again: I want to be a person who can warm others, I want to be the sun, can warm the heart, become the pillar of others; look at the rainbow after the rain, leaving beautiful The figure, in the hearts of people, so my wish has come up again: I want to be a person who can leave a beautiful figure, let others remember me foreverrs. Beautiful and beautiful, he did not wither during the rainy season; he did not wither in the sun; in the snow season, he was not frozen to death... It is the most beautiful but strongest creature in the world. His appearance, sometimes looking very fragile, but some flowers will add a protective color on the outside []Wholesale Cigarettes[/url], in order to protect themselves, will be stabbed. But no matter what, they are the strongest, most beautiful, and most lovely creatures. I want to be a flower-like creature that looks very fragile on the surface []Cigarettes Online[/url], but it is actually a very strong creature. I believe that I will become such a creature.n. Beautiful and wonderful, every day rises from the east, falls west, does not complain, every day is like this. I want to be such a person, even if I have to do the same thing repeatedly every day, I have never complained, because happiness is also a day, unhappy is also a day, it is not as happy as happy every day. better. I want to be someone who works hard, but who has never complained. I believe that I will become such a person.. Beautiful and gorgeous, the most beautiful scenery that emerged after the rainy days, is the happiest scene for people. I want to be such a person, even if only for a short while, I have to show off my own wonderful. Leave people with unlimited imagination and let them know that even if life is short, let others know that they have lived in this world. Wonderful and short, but never regretted. I believe that I can become such a person.
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