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There are so many people I admir

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:58 am    Post subject: There are so many people I admir Reply with quote

There are so many people I admire, there is the great physicist Einstein, the famous dramatist Shakespeare, the outstanding former Soviet writer Gorky, and the idol I admire most is the unyielding and indomitable "cosm The king" Oxford, England, Hawking was unfortunately suffering from Lugarley's disease, which caused muscle atrophy. He sat in a wheelchair for 46 years. Although he is highly disabled, he can only lie down in an electric wheelchair all day, his face is severely deformed []Carton Of Newports[/url], but he is a strong person in life. On one occasion, Hawking returned to the Berlin apartment in a wheelchair, was knocked down by the car when crossing the road, his left arm was broken, his head was scratched, and 13 stitches were sewed, but two days later he returned to the office to work. Another time, he and his friends went to the country house. When they went uphill, they turned sharply and the wheelchair fell backwards. Unexpectedly, the gravitational master was turned into the bush by the gravity of the earth []Marlboro Menthol 100S[/url]. He fell again and again, but he still climbed again and again. Although the physical disability is getting worse []Newport Cigarettes[/url], Hawking is trying to live like an ordinary person and do everything he can. He was even lively and active - it sounded a bit funny, and after he was completely unable to move, he still insisted on using the only movable finger to drive the wheelchair to "walk" on the way to the office; in a hotel in Moscow, He suggested that everyone dance. His turning of the wheelchair in the hall was a great wonder. When he met with Prince Charles, he rotated his wheelchair to show off and rolled to Prince Charles's toes. is a warrior who challenges life and is a stubborn science giant.graduated from Oxford University and Cambridge University, and received a Ph.D. degree from Cambridge University. He is not disabled, he has overcome the difficulties that ordinary people can't imagine and has become a giant in the international physics community. He can't write, his mouth is unclear, speeches and questions and answers can only be done through a speech synthesizer. Reading must rely on a machine that flips books. When reading an article, he drives a wheelchair like a silkworm to eat mulberry leaves, but he reads it page by page. The theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, big bang, etc. was discovered []Carton Of Marlboro Reds[/url], and the mystery of the universe was solved. Hawking proved that the black hole has temperature and radiation. His popular sciences, "A brief history of time -- from the big bang to the black hole" and "The Universe in the Shell" sensationalized the whole world. most admired person, Hawking, his charm has always attracted me deeply. He is a strong person in life []Newport Cigarettes Website[/url], and he is a physical genius. His constant pursuit of scientific spirit and courageous and tenacious spirit are
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