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When I was young, I was a

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:58 am    Post subject: When I was young, I was a Reply with quote

When I was young, I was a very happy person, because I still have a lot of understanding of the world. It seems that everything can be done.l happy, just like Bang Baoshi��s advertisement, and I have new discoveries.ver, after I went to school, I found that I started to have troubles. At the beginning, I knew that when people reach the age of 100, they will die. Even earlier, I will start to worry about grandparents and grandparents who will leave me. I know that food will be moldy, and if I eat, I will get sick, and then I will worry about what I bought. It will break down; knowing that electricity and fire will hurt people, and start to worry about how to avoid electricity and fire......... Now, it seems that there are endless homework every day, not to say that those are difficult, or even do not Out, but those very simple, almost no need to think about the topic []How Much Is A Carton Of Newports[/url], how many times can not be wrong, although understanding the pains of teachers and parents, understand that this is good for me, but they still become mine upset. In the last semester, Zhu Linhang��s school advocated the back of the Analects, and my mother began to let me back. Although I know the story of Zhao Pu��s half of the Analects of Confucius, although I know that this has many advantages for my future, although I know that this is a step ahead of others, I still seem reluctant. Soon, this has become My troubles. On the eve of the final exam, my mother has been asking me to do the topic, dictating the words of Chinese and English []Cigarette Tobacco For Sale[/url]. Even if I understand that it is good for me, they still become my troubles.very depressed. If I don't understand the elementary school, the change will be so big. I don't understand why many of them are very good in theory. Very beneficial things will become my troubles. In fact, before writing this article, it has always been my trouble. Even the piano I started learning from the age of four will become my troubles. I also stopped it in the fifth grade.mes, when the night is quiet, I will lie on the bed alone, look at the white ceiling, and the piano that I have spent 7 years with me, thinking: "Why God wants to make troubles, why are the gods on Mount Olympus? Want to worry us? Why do you have troubles when you have happiness? Maybe this is the fairness of God, happiness is not enough, you must learn to worry, everything must be double!..." Sometimes, even complain Why did God let his human children have so much trouble?od is always fair. After the troubles, he will still give you a lot of happiness and pride []Newport Cigarettes Website[/url].r finishing a book of "Routing Training", I will be a little bit smug and smug: "I have finished this whole book "Oration", so great!" When I made a difficult topic, I will I thought happily: "My technique has improved yeah! Long live!" After most of the "The Analects of Confucius" was finished []Cigarettes Cheaper[/url], my mother was always happy to be a mother and said proudly: "Great []Wholesale Cigarettes[/url], one is almost finished." At that time, my boredom with this trouble turned into a light butterfly flying away. When I have a good grade in the exam, I will thank those dictation, those exercises.
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