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I walked frustratedly

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 2:17 am    Post subject: I walked frustratedly Reply with quote

I walked frustratedly on the path of the campus, without flowers and birds. Only the dull thunder in the sky []Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url]. The scolding of the parents, the criticism of the teacher, the alienation of the good friends, and the sadness of one thing made me breathlve years ago []Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], I came to Songbai Primary School. At that time, I was like a cheerful bird. I thought, "I have to study hard, get into junior high school, and I am eager to test my own world []Marlboro Red 100S[/url]. I am the master of this world." But life always has a lot of sadness and dist year, our primary school life was made up of competition. I didn't study very well, and I didn't like to talk, and there was asthma. So the teacher didn't pay much attention to me, and the students didn't understand me very much, which made me very lowever, every person's fate will have a turning point. It is her, a teacher, let me hope again. She is our physical education teacher. Every physical education class, I will sit in the classroom because of asthma, or go down. Sitting in a chair and watching them go to class, but every time the class, the teacher told me that she used to have asthma before, and his mother asked her to go to run every day []Carton Of Newports[/url]. Every time she ran out of breath, exhausted. Asked his mother: "Why do you know that she has asthma and let her run? My mother said to her: "You can't be afraid of illness []Marlboro Red[/url], you must overcome teacher finally said to me: "If you want to cure your asthma, start exercising!" Then he le the days that followed, I regained my self. Jumping at home every day, playing badminton, jumping and jumping. Although very tired, I was surprised to find that the number of asthma occurrences has become less as the teacher's words that give me confidence. I think: Only by throwing away the mountain of inferiority can you know the blue of the sky. I suddenly feel very comfortable and comfortable. It turns out that life is so beaurned into a star and told those who are as inferior as I used to be. In fact, every kind of grass will bloom!here is an orange tree planted in my yard with my birth. I often use a k I upside down? I was so scared in my heart, and quickly ran to ask my mother: "Mom, why are other little friends growing taller, how can I get shorter?" Mom was busy putting down her life and put me in a chair and asked: "Why? Say!" I was busy jumping off the chair, pulling my mother's hand and pulling her into the yard and pointing and saying: "I used a knife to engrave my height on the tree, but I came here today but in the past. Below the line." I said as I pointed out the two horizontal lines on the tree. My mother listened to me and looked at the tree again. After two minutes of silence, I laughed inexplicably. I couldn��t stand my smile, my tears came out, and I took a picture of my head. Said: "Stupid child, not that you are short, the tree is tall, don't do this stupid thing in the future." I suddenly realized that it was not that I was short, but the tree was tall. After that, I was so happy to go to the chicken to play. I really don't know what stupid things I would do for the chickens... My childhood is like this, stupid thun, stupid things make up the colorful childhood, happy childhood, a nostalgic childhood. Although this golden time is slowly moving away from me, I am not so stupid, I believe that childhood fun will definitely become the most beautiful memories of my life.
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