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Water, dripping drop by drop, the el

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:23 am    Post subject: Water, dripping drop by drop, the el Reply with quote

Water, dripping drop by drop, the electric meter, one circle and then one turn, the years, the spring and autumn come, I have thought about cherishing them? At that time, I never thought about the consequences of what I did, and I nevery young age, I like to go to the park and pick up one of my favorite flowers. I also like to go back to my hometown and fire the fireflies with my friends at night; I also like to come to the farmland. Holding a glass bottle and catching small cockroaches everywhere; however, the flowers I took were often withered in my arms; the fireflies I rushed to would die silently in my palm; I caught small Oh, always suffocating in my bottle when I am careless. In this way, I pinched off a scent, I annihilated a blue light, and I killed a creature... In this way, I unscrupulously destroy or hurt these little creatures, I am willingly What is not my own is self-righteous in the palm of my hand... until one day, a blue butterfly floats into my window, and my flower skirt is a garden, it flies around me, I I have never seen such a beautiful butterfly, I was fascinated by its amazing beauty. I net it with a net rod and take a closer look: its beautiful wings <a href="">Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online</a>, embedded in light to deep gemstone blue The yellow and black unequal points are like the notes that jump on the sea <a href="">Online Cigarettes</a>, and the oil is shiny and translucent. Based on the description of the book, I decided that it must be a butterfly. I was delighted to take a big bottle and put it in. I saw it continually flapping <a href="">Cigarette Online</a>, desperately trying to break free of this sudden. "Skynet", however, very quickly, it was exhausted, it had to make all the stops, made the final struggle, and finally, it did not move. I quickly took it out of the bottle and continually touched it with anxiety and anxiety. However, it could no longer be bounced. It was already fragrant... I took my blame and annoyed mood and used white. The paper wraps it and prepares to bury it under the "Sunday Red". When the toon was dug, I couldn't bear to put it in the dust. I want to make it a leaf bookmark, so that it reminds me at all times that many things can't be cherished until I lose it. After understanding these reasons, I began to re-examine everything around me. The small flowers on the side of the road are still beautiful and beautiful. If I used to, I would have picked it up and tear it away. Now, I can��t get it <a href="">Marlboro Gold</a>, but just stand in front of it. , carefully appreciate this petite and lovely flower. Because, I know, the flower is also a small life, her beauty is not just for me, she is blooming for nature! I can't just let it get the shortness of beauty, and let others never appreciate her cuteness. I learned to cherish!ether in the society, in the school, or in the school, I have begun to pay attention to everything around me, oh, no, not just pay attention, but cherish! Including family, teachers and students, and friendship between classmates <a href="">Marlboro Lights</a>, they can not sacrifice these precious feelings because of their willfulness and impulsiveness. No matter what, don't wait until you lose, you know how to cherish!
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