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The sun is far away

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PostPosted: Wed May 08, 2019 8:35 am    Post subject: The sun is far away Reply with quote

The sun is far away from the sand, the weak water is near the jackdaw. The ancient road calls for the end of the world, coincides with the Silk Road Yangge years. Reminiscent of the invitation to the moon, and the evening of the evening. Tap on the jade to the elegant, and in the spring season []Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online[/url], as long as the two words are mentioned, the only thing that evokes people's recollections is the "absurd, dim, monotonous color", the village, the smoke, the faint, the original tragic The part of speech is more desolate here. However, it is the time of this sad reminder of mobility, after the simple, the fate of the northwest has stunned the most beautiful colors and the most beautiful winds of the four seasons. Do not think that the northwest has not won the praise of passers-by. From then on, the fate will never be clear; do not think that The Northwesters have never had the lavishness of "local tyrants". Since then, personality and dignity have always been forgotten in the world. If "like" and "forget" are because they really have nothing to be worthy of the passers-by, the Northwesters would rather choose to wake up in other people's amnesia if they "the autumn village, the sunset, the light smoke old tree jackdaw" is northwest. The portrayal of the scenery, then "a little flying under the shadow" is what you want to wear, not pleasing to the eye, both beautiful and contemplative and "original ecology". As for the northwest, you forgot to forget it! There is no shortage of shackles in the northwest. If you have never sent a sincere reply here, you should not be able to give back to you with the sneer of "the dirt of the soil." It doesn't matter if you remember it, it doesn't matter if you look back, because the arrogance of the "local tyrants" can't get the worry-free care of "green mountains and green waters, red flowers and yellow leaves" in any case. The scenery of the northwest is soaked in the number of years of fluence, and there is a sedimentation of her mind. The smoke from the northwest lingering in that place will leave her fascinating past. The northwest is Wen Wei's, there is a kind of quiet mood, it is a kind of container that can't be carried by the eye. It is full of happiness but overflows troubles. It contains simple but full of contentment; there is no such thing as the "local tyrant" in its realm. If there is, it is after her negligence, the apology that can not be loaded at the bottom of my heart and the eagerness to look forward to your understanding and tolerance. I dare not say that being forgotten will be the original gaze of the eyes that are humble and silent. It is thought that the scenery that people like to admire will be difficult to repair in the memory of the weather in the northwest, harsh and unrestrained, steady but rigid, enthusiasm and frivolous, but the weather in the northwest does not mean that the people in the northwest are rough and delicate. Personality, depression and sorrow; not to mention that after the Northwesters have integrated into such an environment, their character and regional plots are blindly from the northwestern sky, so that your mind is slightly reserved, and the northwester��s honesty will make your forgetting sooner or later pale. Powerless; if you don��t praise their resilience, you believe in your ability; if they pick up the milk and ask for it, your sincerity has deceived yourself. . Because the fate of the Northwesters also washes away her behavior at the same time as the baptism in the environment, the feast of every encounter always feels that "the thick is a ruler, the measure is first measured; the heart is a one-shot, call people First of all, the time of passing through the eyes of the Northwesters pervades every corner of the northwest, and as a chic and beautiful scenery, it is above the heart wall of every passerby. From that moment, their love is mourned. Sublimation, from the reality and the truth, beyond the scorn of your mind, the moment of emotional agility, immediately spread the village, smoke, faint, three thousand miles of the setting sun, a trace of turbulence, turbulent moonlight, whether it is better in his hometown Yueqing, Anzhi his hometown is more clear; the language is full of heartache, the moon is cold and thick, who knows that this style is better than the scenery of other places. "If it is not the snow on the top of the mountain, the Zhang is a Jiangnan." I don't know if this feeling is true in the northwest itself. The existence is only the fragrant shadow of this, whether to win the stopover of the passers-by; accompanied by the development of the Silk Road, the collection of the "Big Prajna Paramita" notes, combined with the Tang Yanxuan pen form the Brahma It is the city of Silk Road, the ��Golden Zhangye��, a city located on the wetland, and the ��Shangshang Jiangnan�� of Fushanqing, Shuixiu, Tianlan and Greenland, and the splendour of ��Da Prajna Polomituojing��. Tranquility, a sense of ease, the formation of customs []By Newport 100[/url], there is a generation of a common attack. "Jin Zhangyu" as a bright pearl on the Silk Road, her customs in addition to historic, but also seasonal, diverse It is located in the northwest, where the wind is heavy and heavy, and the diet is mainly based on valley, wheat, rice and alfalfa, supplemented by sheep, pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, etc. Snacks, cod roe, squid, noodles, stuffed skin, fried Cannons, glutinous noodles, fishmeal, Lanzhou noodles, mutton rolls, chicken rolls, Xinjiang roast whole sheep, highlighting the regional characteristics, and adding exotic elements to the traditional taste, let your The endless taste of the tongue is a unique chapter showing the regional culture, its content is quaint and colorful. Although the simple customs of Zhangye no longer exist in the modern fast pace, but the human life part of Zhang Wei��s fertile soil is still everywhere, always The green that flows through the wetlands is a clear poem of Zhang Wei; the fire filled by Dan Xia is the beauty of humanity; whether it is tangible or intangible, scented or romantic, as long as it is with emotion From the ancient town of Lugu, he is your heart, this ancient town knows your heart, it is your return, with the wind around; it is your euphemism, close at hand, is your confidante! Perhaps, inadvertently she Also, a snowflake like the peak of the Qilian Peak, a bunch of reeds along the wetland, and the colorful clouds of the Danxia foothills will take away your tiredness in the past, even your eyes, and forget about the weak water and the wetland. In the meantime, the pride of your coming will be precipitated []Buy Newport Online Cheap[/url]. In the meantime, the memory loss after you pass by slowly grows []Marlboro 100'S Carton[/url]. Then, she quietly puts your heart on the edge of the beautiful bonfire, gentle, and sprinkles it. The mellow smell of old wine is very different from your life. The attitude of the ancient town of Silk Road is like the wings of a bird. From the tenderness to the maturity, from the vastness, the Zen language to the smoke, everything is like a dust in the river; Her life is from nothing His mission is undulating; however, the desire of the Northwesters, the obsession of the ancient town, she is not like the arboreal ship of Jiangnan swaying in the swing, used to play in the play; on the contrary, she is born again on the edge of the original green mountains and green waters, Dust off the smell under the idle pen, brewing a fragrance between Su Ju. Everyone is looking forward to a feeling of death. Of course, for the ancient town of Silk Road, ��Jin Zhangye��, I have never lacked such pride since the beginning []Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes[/url]. In particular, for a ��walker�� who is in real life and is extremely eager to see the window in the four seasons and feel the words, his feelings. It has already been integrated into the picturesque scenery of Jincheng Chunyu, Yuguan Xiaoyue, Qilian Wangxue, and Juyan Ancient Shepherd. His feelings have long been true to Emperor Sui. In the case of Wuzhishan, see the 27th National Envoy of the Western Regions, and the generals of the squadron, Huo to go to the Hexi, to enter the Hexi. Meet the bell tower of the bell tower, and the shadow of the Xixiaguo Temple drum, such as Qilian Jinsong strong, if weak water three thousand long. The sorghum is pure and innocent, and the low and the fine is fine. Whether it is beautiful or elegant, it has its own charm, and along the Zhangye, the footprints of the Western Regions, the emotions continue from the ancient Silk Road to the end of the ancient Roman Empire. Mindfulness has a trace of memories that have changed in the past; a trace of memories will not be changed by one pass. At that time, the memory was torn apart, and the scenes forgotten under the feet became so easy. The dust and smoke dissipated, and the old dreams were difficult to open. She was immersed in the story of your own weaving until the years passed the deep reality of your journey. The magic is to reduce the power of cherishing life, and the smallness of the culture in the northwest is easily amplified by the power of words. Probably the remaining one is full of hard work, and instead of letting it feel the simplicity of the ancient town of Silk Road, it makes it sneak into the ancient history to do a spiritual dialysis, although it feels far and far north, the ancient town of Silk Road --- "Jin Zhanghao", when you feel most, you have not stopped; when it is most touching, you have already stepped into the dust; After having to walk with her through the vicissitudes of life, I went back and looked for the feeling of being scattered on the ground, because the most sad moment in the scenery was the coldness of the later period, and the saddest coldness was silent. The more urgent you go, the most beautiful scenery. The most painful thing is the heart you remember. So, since you missed the scenery, looking at it and waiting for it is just the time of Qin Shiming, you can find one if you open the ground of life. Kind of speed suitable for oneself, Mo Yin is unwilling to bear the burden, Mo is greedy and empty life, remember the weak and drunk, and how many new green love is old. Ganquan listened to the spring rain overnight, why did Hu Dimu bell sound month, Yang Liu drizzle, Lu Bu Xin Cui, depicting the scene of the horseshoe scorpion, taking away the dust, leaving the ancient town vicissitudes and thick, even if there is no you After applauding, the ancient town will stand on the ground, the ground is still green; in this beautiful city on the ancient road, you appreciate her as a kind of promotion, and he mourns that you are a complement. You don't want to be surrounded by the environment, fear that the glory she carries and the precipitation of history will end in the river in one day. On the contrary, she will walk in her poems in the west of her city, with a quiet heart. Close to her, charming
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