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Peach blossoms fal

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:34 am    Post subject: Peach blossoms fal Reply with quote

Peach blossoms fall, the moonlight rises clear and clear, the breeze moves my memories; the time flies with the flowers, the smoke clouds chase the river boat, the light ink dyes my color []Newports 100S[/url], I hold the eyes of the night, the starlight sighs this dream season, small Discretion, drunk the handwriting of Jiangnan in the rain, the wind chasing the fireworks rain, tainted the poetry; listening to the soft voice of the flower language, with the moonlight waves echoing in the soft sausage, the peach blossoms hidden in the dream, fluttering and falling The demon burning, the most romantic in the warmth; seeing the no trace of the flowing water, the fireworks left in the ancient road, dyed the red glow of the day, quietly and leisurely, stealing the leisure of the quiet flowers, in the cool The most is chic. Look at the peach red three-point red did not enter the leaves, is Qingshan hand in the forest red, soft wind in the calm; listening to the peach whisper bathing in the rain []Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale[/url], is the clear water reflecting the stars, the same sunset is wrong; count the time on the paper, write down the fragrant The text, draw a river wind to blow away the agarwood, kill the decay of the annual ring quietly, finely, smell the sandalwood, flowing through the quiet and silent, is a cool time, cut the north wind The bleak, sticking a paper to the warm spring temperature, at that time, the peach blossom is warm; silently, gently, stroking the time in the sea of ??flowers, the wind blowing the fragrant fragrance, is a sweet season, then, time It is very cool. If you ask the lip prints of pears and jellyfish, it is a plum blossom of the year. The flowers that fall into the mud are silently recalled, and they are brewed into moonlight in the soil. If you ask the sake of the sake and the lonely moon of the moon, it is a boat The passing water, the falling flowers and waters that are asked []Marlboro Lights Cigarettes[/url], are all stunned moments. In the time, the persistence of the floating life is stained with green waves, and the three-month moonlight is lingering on the flowers. It is pleasabook between the books, and get a strong spring and autumn flavor. I can't keep the glory of the corner of my mouth, lightly, chasing the wind; a cool time, I can't finish it, I hope to write down the joys and sorrows in the wind. , blowing away the quicksand in my hand, I can't hold the time, nothing, follow it. The dried peach blossoms are still fragrant, love and hate are like the wind blowing clouds []Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale[/url], scattered without disappearing; the time of forgetting is still as sweet as the past, the past is like water, the fragrance is clear and the night is not sleeping, the evening wind is getting warmer, look at one The opening and closing of the peach blossoms will be relieved. Love is a flower, the spring is green, the summer solstice is flourishing []Wholesale Newport Cigarettes[/url], the early autumn is bleak, the winter is burial; just falling rain, the season is cool, reading a time comes, you have to Indifferently, what I have done in my life is fate. With nature, the words I have written in my life are all God's will. I write with my heart. The way I have traveled in my life is arranged. They are the palm prints in my hands, love this peach, and get warmer; love this time, cool.
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