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A cat is a special kind

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:18 am    Post subject: A cat is a special kind Reply with quote

A cat is a special kind of "night walker", as long as there is a ray of light at night, it can see everything. My favorite animal is the cat, because it is gentle and cute. The cat can hear the subtle sound from the ground. It walks very quietly and can't be heard in the human is a kind of feline. It looks a bit like a fox, but its nature is not as good as a fox. Its long beard, the cat must not have a beard to catch a mouse, if the beard is broken, the cat can not enter the hole to catch the mouse. The cat's hair is very soft, the tail is soft, furry, and a pair of big, godlike eyes are like black pearls. other felines, cats are also carnivorous mammals. The newborn kitten is very light and only grows more than 10 kilograms when grown up []Newport Carton Wholesale[/url]. Cats love to drink milk, love fish and mice, and love to play with wool.r fertility is very strong, and they can produce a nest for more than a few months. Moreover, there are dozens of each nest, so I can often see a few cats fighting in the yard. The newborn kitten can run, drink, and play in a few weeks; after a few months, you can leave your mother and live independently. cat is easy to be close to, and as long as you give it something to eat, it will be close to you. The kittens love to play with the woolen group. It grabs it east and touches it with the west; pushes the woolen thread with the front paws and pushes it to a wool thread before it uses the claws to scratch the wool thread, and always wraps the woolen thread around itself. , put together a line of wool balls []Cartons Of Newport 100S[/url]. When tired, it ran to find food. If you find a little water or food []Cigarette Wholesale Price[/url], it will rush to the point where you eat or drink. If you haven't eaten anything and drink water for many days, eat it up.s is a cute and naughty cat. This morning, I saw a few black ants and put them in a small bottle. Later, I caught some red ants and put them in the bottle. At this time, I suddenly found that the two bodies in the red ant country are stronger, the mouth is bigger, and the attacking force is stronger. Our children here call them "big ants." I was very happy when I saw them. So I quickly reached out and caught them. I caught them in less than a minute. I put them in the vial and leaned over to look at the changes in the bottle.d ant wandered in the bottle at first. Later, when he encountered a black ant, he took the opportunity to bite the black ant when he did not pay attention. Although there was no fatal or serious injury to the black ants, the black ants were slightly injured and he was frightened for a while. At this time, another black ant and a red ant also fought, and the red ant biting the black ant had not let go, letting the black ant toss and struggle, he did not let go. After a stalemate for a while, maybe the red ant is tired []Cheap Carton Of Newport Cigarettes[/url], put down the enemy in the mouth, and go to other places to hang time, the ants on the ground attracted my attention. A red ant is struggling to fight with the prey (an insect). The little insect struggled desperately, hoping to escape the clutches of the red ants, but to no avail. I saw the red ant squatting up and lifting him up with his mouth, and embarrassed on the way home. Suddenly, the red ant disappeared and appeared in another place. I am very strange, thinking in my heart: Yeah, is this ant will transfer Dafa in an instant? Impossible, no one will have this skill. what is the reason? Soon I found the answer. It turned out that the red ants flew out when the little insects jumped. The small insects kept bouncing and ran away in a short while, leaving a disappointed red ant []Lights Cigarette[/url].at the bottle again: a big red ant is fighting against a black ant, they have tried their best, they are very focused, and they are motionless... Next, a black ant is desperately biting the leg of a red ant, red The ant is helpless, and he can only drag him when he walksve you observed ants? If you have time to observe, they will bring you unlimited fun and let you experience the magic of nature!
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