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The news that the rat girl

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 1:02 am    Post subject: The news that the rat girl Reply with quote

The news that the rat girl married the cat did not go away. The mice in the Shili Ba Village came to help the ugly mouse family prepare for the marriage. Because they all know that the ugly mouse family and the cat are married, the ugly mouse home is equal to the cat. day when the rats were married, the sky was exceptionally sunny. The team that sent the prostitutes lined up in a mighty long queue, blowing the horns, carrying the sedan chair, knocking on the drums, and enjoying the joys and sorrows. After some tossing, the mice finally sent the bride to the cat house. The cat wore the groom's official clothes, wore red flowers on his chest, and happily went out to meet the bride. But he did not ask the mice who came to send their relatives to enter the house to rest, let alone ask them to have a banquet []Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale[/url]. The cat smiled and thanked the mice who had sent them, and then picked up the beautiful rat bride into the room. The mice that sent the relatives could not enter the house to rest, nor could they eat the banquet. The heart was naturally not happy, but they did not dare to show it. They had to squeeze out the smiles and let each other go back to each other []Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa[/url].r the ugly mouse couple married their daughter to the cat, they seemed to have fulfilled their greatest wish in life. With a son-in-law like a cat, it seems that the dream of prosperity is about to be realized.the blink of an eye, the third day of the mother-in-law's marriage, it was the day when the rat girl returned to her family to visit her parents. If the daughter can come back with the cat and daughter, what a glory, how decent! Rats and couples can't wait to see their baby daughter right away, because they have never left them since they were born. But they are looking forward to the sunset from sunrise, and they are not expecting her daughter to come back. The mice and couples are very mourning their daughters, they have not slept all the next morning, the rabbit postman sent a very beautiful parcel, saying that they were sent by their catwoman. The couple of mice took the parcel and praised the catwoman. when they opened the package, they were shocked. It turned out to be a rat skin with bloody smell. The color of the fur is familiar to them. The back of the mouse skin also reads a poem: two old snobbery []Cigarettes Wholesale Price[/url], choose a cat to be a son-in-law []Buy Newports[/url], ridiculous and funny, the mouse and female Yan Ruyu, the meat is tender and the bones are thin, and the left skin is eaten. Send back the statement. The couple of mice watched and fainted on the spot. They know that their own snobbery has hurt their daughter, but now it is too late to regret it []Buy Newport Cigarettes Online Wholesale[/url].
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