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Understand and don't understand,

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:17 am    Post subject: Understand and don't understand, Reply with quote

Understand and don't understand, only between one thought, the difference between words makes two worlds.he past few days, I have benefited a lot. Whether it is Chinese or reading, it means meaning. People need to discover and think. As long as they master the way, everything is easy.member that I used to answer questions randomly. The result was that although there were not many points, but there was no concentration, and I was very distressed. In the past few days, through the explanation of Teacher Tang, I found that everything is not as difficult as before. Maybe there is no language. I am so terrible in my imagination, and not like a book of heaven, it is hard to understand.uage is not only dry words, there are many other things, remember that the last junior children asked us to challenge []Marlboro Gold[/url], and as a result, Teacher Tang sold us and taught them the secrets of the unique secrets, so that we could not be beaten by the children. Soldiers, self-deprecating, and finally we also got the secret. Teacher Tang let us play in thinking and thinking about middle school []Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes[/url]. In fact, the language is not boring at all. As long as you use your heart to experience and experience life, you will find fun, discover the language []Carton Of Newports[/url], this kind of experience, we all understand this feeling.are unusual things in ordinary things, unusual feelings, all things contain the truth of life, just a few days, a lot of harvest, this one truth is released from the text, its power, its warmth wins People's hearts, people are convinced...hink I will not be afraid of the language, not afraid of writing, because everything needs to be carefully understood, and the way to master it can be more in-depth understanding, so that we can simply answer questions, find changes in the article, understand the central idea.swer the questions carefully, treat everything with care, and you will find that everything is simple, now I understand. Each of us has our own little hand, it is useful! And my little hand left me to travel outside. I was asleep, I faintly heard what my left and right hands were saying. I listened carefully to my left hand and said, "Our little masters don't cherish them []Newport Cigarettes[/url]. Let's go find a better owner!" "The right hand over there said: "Yes, yes, today she used me to play the dirty mud. It is really disgusting to think of it. It should be that she often suffers." Hearing here, my tears are not The enthusiasm has flowed down, I am anxious to think: What to do, what should I do? My little hand is leaving me, how do I study, how to write, how to write that? I close my eyes and hope that dawn will not come, because my little hand will leave me the next morning, but the little hand is gone.ning to others saying my little hand []Cigarette Tobacco For Sale[/url], I found a good owner for it, but I want to go back to my little hand, so I went to the new owner's home of my little hand, wow! Their new owners cleaned them, never used them to play with mud, used them to help those in need, and the little hands were willing to cooperate. I said to my little hand: "Small hand, come back, I am not cherishing you." Their new owners said to me with great love: "They will come back." He persuaded the little hand, and the little hand returned to me. Body. little thrilling little hand made me cherish my little hand and know the importance of the little hand!
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