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The flaming sky, the colorful eart

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:58 am    Post subject: The flaming sky, the colorful eart Reply with quote

The flaming sky, the colorful earth, the happy lanterns, and the sweet "New Year songs" are really good scenery! People are busy with all kinds of things, children, busy with how to spend the New Year, what to wear clothes. This is the New Year! Of course, before that, there are also many wishesay before this New Year��s coming []Carton Of Marlboro Reds[/url], of course, I was lying in bed and watching the New Year��s party! As the wonderful scene appeared on the screen of the TV, I suddenly became active. I will cheer for this and I will cheer for that. Explain the white point, just cheer for the whole party! Suddenly, a song rang, my name is: my wish. As soon as I heard the title of the song, I suddenly realized: "Why can't I have a New Year's wish?" I asked for it when I asked, and immediately picked up the pen paper and wrote it: New Year's wish. I don't know how, I thought about it and went to sleep. In my dreams, I heard a lot of children telling their wishes, but what they want is what we usually see, not unusual. I suddenly noticed that they are some poor children! I think of myself, I usually spend a lot of money, things that are not good-looking, not fun, not thrown or placed there. There is also clothes, thrown a little bit of a small mouth. And those children, clothes are patched, toys are few, not even. Oh, I am awake! I want to tell my mother my wish. I want to donate my toys, books, costumes, and Winnie the Pooh that my mother gave me on my birthday. Although I lost my loved ones, I am happy and happy with others, worth it! after year, day after day, in the blink of an eye, at the end of the year, there are joyful songs everywhere, full of laughter and laughter. The New Year's bell is about to ring! The New Year��s wishes are coming soon! The New Year is coming []Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], and as a "love ghost" and "gloomy money", I will not miss this New Year, the big money that the adults gave me. Whenever I saw the calendar hanging on the wall, I remembered the New Year. Thinking of the New Year, I remembered what my mother said three days before the exam. On that day, when my mother saw that I wanted to change my old money and thought of being crazy []Marlboro Gold[/url], I immediately said a "speaking": "If you want to get more money in the New Year, you must give me the three subjects." ', otherwise, I have confiscated your lucky money and pocket money."order to get more money, I closed my home, tried hard to review, and slowly waited for the exam to come. However, mathematics and English are up to standard, but the language is very bad. In order to save my lucky money and pocket money, my mother is not at home, and one person stays at home and writes a New Year��s plan for the New Year��s money []Carton Of Cigarettes[/url]. Plan one, we must spoil the mother, if not, then look for Dad or my father called "pistachio" is a wave of fame? Plan 2, or secretly change the score. No, Dad is listening to her mother []Marlboro Red[/url]. The exam paper is never sent back to the parents. What should I do? Just as I was anxious to go crazy, I suddenly saw that the education channel on TV was playing an educational lecture on "Teaching children to be a good person." I suddenly began to think about it: people can't lie, but they can't say no. Playing "conspiracy", did the mother say that the child is going to tell the truth? I can tell my grandmother that my mother did not pretend to charge my lucky money and pocket money. This will get the money! I am happy in my heart. hope that the New Year has a lot of pocket money, so I can buy more good books to see!
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