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Everyone has their own ideals,

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 6:45 am    Post subject: Everyone has their own ideals, Reply with quote

Everyone has their own ideals, engineers, teachers, trainers... Every ideal is so beautiful. For the sake of ideals, everyone will work tirelessly to turn their ideals into reality. My dream is to be a doctor. In my mind, their profession is great and noble. To say the source of this ideal is because of that thing -was a sunny day. I went for a walk with my family. On the street, we talked and laughed. At this time, a grandmother selling vegetables fell down on the street, struggling on the ground and letting the passing pedestrians I couldn't help but stop. At this time, everyone was just watching, the old grandmother spit foam, the whole body twitched, people looked away from her, the grandmother's eyes showed helpless and pleading eyes []Marlboro Gold[/url], but people still did not care about the grandmother. At this time, an aunt came, quickly picked up the grandmother and made artificial respiration. When I saw this, people all cast a strange look at the aunt, because those people thought that it was worthless to sell vegetables. . Soon after, the grandmother woke up, and even thanked the people, those onlookers, blushing, because they were helping when the grandmother was in danger []Marlboro Menthol 100S[/url], but to avoid, the aunt... It turned out that the aunt was a doctor! Doctor, life-saving is like a fire, throwing everything away, just to save a life, how great! At this moment []Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes[/url], I have the ideal of being a doctor. can become a doctor, I will do my best to serve the patients, to drive them away and bring health. I will continue to work hard and learn knowledge so that I can become a qualified doctor. Xiao Zhang, the name, I think, no one feels very strange, because he is a witty, brave, honest, stubborn little boy, but Xiao Zhang is a small hero.aobing Zhang Wei, she was born in a terrible period - the war period []Wholesale Cigarettes[/url]. His childhood was spent in the rain of bullets. Looking back, now we are living in a beautiful era of peace and harmony. We can study in bright classrooms []How Much Is A Carton Of Newports[/url]. How happy it is! the face of the Japanese army, he was brave and brave; in the face of his loved ones, he was strong and filial; in the face of friends, he was sensible and righteous; in the face of justice, he stubbornly the place where Xiao Zhang is a place worthy of our study and the most eye-catching place. His wit, his courage, his truth, his stubbornness, so dazzling everywhere! Everything about him washes the hearts of the people of the whole country!the red classic, let us regain the memories of the past years; read the red classic, let us relive the feelings in the history of humiliation!rs of ups and downs have baptized China and made China a success; 90 years of ups
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